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In Hawaii (2007)…
-Zac bought her a dress there.

-They were shopping and she dropped a bracelet on the ground. When she bent over to pick it up Zac slapped her butt.

-They gave each other massages on the beach.

-They were laying together on the beach and she rolled on top of Zac and was kissing his neck (like, little pecks)

-He was apparently seen rubbing her thigh a lot when she was wearing a dress

-Some girls from Hawaii had gotten a hotel room after prom. They heard a couple next door having sex. The next morning Zac and Van walked out of the room.


—ahahhahahaha i just like the final part!!! *__*  (via zanessalove4ever)
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soo this happened :)

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Vanessa: much love!
"Ladies, let your inner Goddess out"


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Hanging with Ashley and Stella.

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Click to watch! 📷🎬👯✨ Behind the scenes at #YHA with @VanessaHudgens @AshleyTisdale @StellaHudgens and @CMoretz!

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