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She’s such a goddess.

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September 17th: (more) Vanessa Hudgens out shopping at Urban Outfitters in Studio City, California

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September 17th: Vanessa Hudgens outside of a furniture store in Studio City, California

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"If you raided my closet you might be kind of terrified because there is so much going on in there that it gives me anxiety sometimes. I just have so many different things because I love being a chameleon, so one day I can dress bohemian and the other day I can dress like a rocker so it depends on my mood." - @VanessaHudgens #BongoGetsReal

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"Chris: Sure, I know that her friend and co-star Zac Efron calls her Van, I also know
her friend Ashley Tisdale calls her Nesquick and that her other friend Corbin Bleu calls her V, after those guys I think everyone else calls her Nessa, but V-Nessa reflects my style something hip and catchy…you know like Yo V-Nessa wass up girl."

—Chris Brown interview with M magazine, 2008 (via kuuipolove05)
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I made some great nicknames for Zac. - Max Joseph

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Vanessa out and about in Los Angeles

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The only way to pose in a @marialuciahohan24 dress

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