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Vanessa at Cesars Celebration Prom 

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The HSM-Cast are doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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We were able to make this young man’s wish come true ! As he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and doesnt have long to live . He wouldn’t make his prom so we were able to make it happen in 4 days!! Thank you to everyone that texted, messaged , and responded wanting to volunteer and gave me hook ups with food services! Thank you sprinkles for the cupcakes. I am beyond happy to see how big his smile was and to help put this joy in his heart before he passes to the next place! 😄😂🙏❤❤ #love #cancerwontwin

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Seriously, what a coincidence!! Love Carla and Vanessa!! #suckerpunchreunion #sendingoffStaceyB

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