Women Crush

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going to watch gimme shelter. excitedddddd

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  i wish

Some things just don’t ever change.

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Best way to battle post coachella blues? With my favorite bottle of wine #prisoner and the best chocolate#zenbunni #biodynamicchocolate problem solved 

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Just met ilysm

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Du bist voll Hübsch*-*
- Anonymous

Haha danke aber fals du das “gif” meinst das ich gerade gepostet habe.. das bin nicht ich.. das ist lee hyori eine koreanische sängerin xD

Aber ich nehme das kompliment gerne an ! xD

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You live on munich that means you can German wow i thought i will never find one who speaks german
- Anonymous

i dont live in munich haha.. but yeah I live in germany! I’m persian but i live in germany.

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#throwback to when I met the hsm cast in munich at the HSM3 premiere. 

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